Why are you still writing cover letters?

Ah, the dreaded cover letter. For many of us, writing a cover letter can be one of the most time-consuming and stressful aspects the job search. Adding insult to injury, Jobvite’s annual survey found that almost two-thirds of recruiters skip over cover letters entirely when reviewing candidates for open roles. It seems that recruiters and hiring managers are realizing how ridiculous it is to evaluate candidates based on a few generic paragraphs they’ve thrown together to make themselves sound awesome. Admit it, your cover letters are about as insightful as your Tinder profile. 

So why are you still writing cover letters? You hate writing them and (most) employers hate reading them. The sad fact is that you’ve probably spent hours and hours writing cover letters that have done nothing to get you closer to landing your dream job - so cut it out. 

To really get noticed, you should focus on injecting powerful details about yourself and your accomplishments in places employers and recruiters actually enjoy looking.

    1.    Your Digital Presence

The first step in every job search should be sprucing up your LinkedIn profile and cleaning up your social media presence. More and more recruiters are looking to social media to source quality candidates, so taking a few moments hide any publicly visible Facebook content that could turn tarnish their impression of you is probably a good idea. Your LinkedIn profile is filled with opportunities to tell the world (in tremendous detail) just how awesome you are at your job, how many languages you speak and how much your co-workers love having you in the office. A scarce LinkedIn profile is a huge missed opportunity to make a great impression. 

    2.    Your Thank You Note

At this point, you’ve hopefully done some research on the organization and position you’ve applied for. A well written thank you to your interviewer allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of the organization and how you will bring value to them in a way that other applicants may not. This is your chance to solidify your name in the employer’s head in a format they’ll be excited to read. Friendly reminder that flattery will get you everywhere. 

    3.    Your Network

Reach out to your connections and realize the power of a good recommendation. Employers and recruiters both agree that the most effective source of quality hires is a peer to peer referral. If you know any friends, family, or LinkedIn connections who can quickly refer you to a job at their organization, you’ve already got employers on your side

In addition to exploring traditional ways of tapping into your network, the impact of your networks can be extended through the help of technology. Our newly redesigned ReferralMob app allows you to open doors to incredible opportunities at great companies without the pain of writing a cover letter. With a few clicks, you can start taking steps to securing your next big break.