Top Boston PeopleOps Professionals to Follow Online

Hiring the right people while also keeping current employees happy is no easy feat, but this is the intersection at which the PeopleOps role sits. A fresh take on the traditional role of human resources, PeopleOps professionals combine  recruiting, HR, and retention functions with data and processes to make team members more productive — and, ultimately, happier.

The career path into PeopleOps isn’t clear-cut, and it takes a unique set of skills and personality to succeed in this challenging yet exciting role. We’ve had the opportunity to speak with many PeopleOps pros across Boston and we can confidently say that this city is lucky to have them.

Below are just a few PeopleOps heroes in Boston that we think you should get to know:

Meredith Eves

Head of PeopleOps at Wistia


We’ve written before about some of the amazing people behind Wistia’s hiring efforts, and today we’re shining a light on their PeopleOps staff. Meredith and her team are always looking for ways to improve Wistia’s hiring process. From giving candidates a first-hand look at how the team works during weekly Customer Storytime, to ensuring hiring managers are fully looped into the candidate screening process, to developing a vibrant careers page, Meredith does it all.

When she’s not busy attracting talent to the company, she’s ensuring employees are happy and well-equipped to succeed, as well as making the office a welcoming and inclusive environment.

You can find out about the goings on at Wistia by following Meredith on Twitter and LinkedIn.  

Tammi Pirri  

Vice President, PeopleOps at Klaviyo


While Tammi is still new to the Klaviyo team, chances are you’ve come across her name before. She’s led people operations, human resources, and talent acquisition teams at Placester, Quanttus, Oasys Water, LoopPay, and Black Duck Software.  

To say she has what it takes to recruit, hire, and retain talent would be a big understatement! Tammi has done it all, from planning strategic hiring initiatives, to building out hiring teams, to training staff to effectively interview, as well as developing reward programs to motivate high-performing employees.

Tammi’s passionate about sharing what her company is doing with the world, and  provides her online audience with recruiting and hiring tips on a daily basis. You can tap into her wealth of knowledge by following her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Mel Larsen

PeopleOps at Help Scout


Help Scout keeps catching our eye with their fresh approach to talent acquisition, people operations, and remote work. As we explained in this post, PeopleOps is all about turning old school processes into a data-backed science, and this is what Mel does best. Mel’s goal is to enable her team to focus on building a product customers love, which is why she’s continuously optimizing internal processes so employees can focus on their jobs, not administrative work.

You can also find Mel writing for the Help Scout blog, offering interviewing tips to candidates, as well as priming her online following with great advice about people operations, HR, and process optimization. Prior to joining Help Scout two years ago, she was involved in recruiting and communications at the Harvard School of Public Health and LevelUp.

You can follow Mel on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on all things Help Scout and PeopleOps.

Jory Block

People Operations at Formlabs


At Formlabs, company culture is everything. Jory first started off as Customer Team Lead almost four years ago, and since November 2016 he has been at the helm of people operations, supporting the company’s rapid growth.  With over 200 employees across their Boston and Berlin offices, it’s Jory’s job to maintain the Formlabs culture employees have come to know and love, while simultaneously embracing change and innovation.

As Jory explains in this VentureFizz interview, he and his team host technical talks in their Boston office to attract talent, frequent technology trade shows to find young engineers, and get involved with college programs. Jory’s so passionate about diversity in the workplace that he recently helped to organize the first-ever Women in Sales and Services Mixer at Formlabs’ Boston HQ.  

You can follow Jory on Twitter and LinkedIn, where he frequently posts about Formlabs events and hiring opportunities.

Jane Jaxon

Director of People at Placester


Jane thrives in high-growth industries where she can be directly involved in building and scaling all-star teams. While at Buildium, she helped the company grow from 25 to 160 employees, and as a direct result of her and her team’s work, the company was dubbed the BBJ’s Best  Place to Work in 2012, 2013, and 2015. More recently, Jane has joined the team at Placester to accomplish similar feats.

When she’s not busy recruiting and hiring top talent, she’s involved in optimizing benefit packages, performance management systems, and Placester’s application tracking system (ATS).  To learn more from Jane about developing an outstanding employer brand and hiring process, follow her on LinkedIn.

Katie Burkie

Chief People Officer at HubSpot


A kingpin company in Boston, HubSpot has amassed an incredible team of talented folks who have changed the world of internet marketing for the better. Behind it all is Katie Burkie, who now leads people operations for the company. Previously, she was the VP of Culture and Experience, where she was directly involved in developing the global company culture as the team established and grew their international presence.

As Chief People Officer, Katie’s now focused on attracting and retaining HubSpot’s national and international talent, with a specific focus on diversity and inclusion. Her work to date has landed HubSpot on Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Women list, and earned the company features in Entrepreneur, Fortune, The Boston Globe, Glassdoor, and The Boston Business Journal.

You can find Katie posting about diversity, inclusion, and growth on Twitter and LinkedIn and leading live events such as HubSpot’s upcoming Building a Culture People Love meetup, happening next week on Monday, April 24th.  

Diana Preziosi

People Operations at Datadog


Prior to working at Datadog, Diana held Human Resources positions at both Zerto and Acronis. You may have recently seen her out at events like the Datadog Spring Sales Meet-and-Greet, where potential sales candidates had an opportunity to mingle with  the team and find out firsthand what it’s like to work there. She was also involved in coordinating and leading The Art of the Interview meetup back in February, which prepared new grads to interview effectively for their first jobs out of school.

The rest of Diana’s time is spent organizing interdepartmental hiring and retention strategies, improving benefits packages and partnering with business leaders to establish hiring goals. You can find her passionately posting on Twitter and LinkedIn about all things Datadog, as well as sharing upcoming events.

Bradley Batchelder

Vice President of People & Culture at Applause


Applause has been on fire this past year, and it’s in no small part due to Bradley and his team’s work sourcing and hiring the incredible people behind this high-growth company. Dubbed a gold Stevie ® Award Winner at the 2015 American Business Awards and nominated as one of BostInnno’s Coolest Companies, Bradley has helped Applause acquire an impressive team of top-notch talent in Boston.

Bradley is passionate about building inclusive cultures, embracing innovation, and creating memorable employee experiences. Prior to Applause, he held roles in recruiting and talent acquisition at Monster and Enterprise Search.

You can find Bradley on Twitter and LinkedIn, where he frequently posts updates about what he and the team are up to at Applause.  

Ayla Rosen

People Operations Manager at LAUNCH


Ayla thrives in high-growth startup environments, helping teams grow fast — and strategically. She first began her career working in HR and operations at Streetwise Media, moved on to Circle Internet Financial as People Operations Manager, and has now been at LAUNCH for nearly a year.

In a startup, every hire is critical to the success of the company, and Ayla spearheads many of LAUNCH’s hiring and retention efforts to support their growth and business goals. You can follow her over on Twitter and LinkedIn, where she shares her thoughts on hiring and retention.

Business Success is Defined by People Success

As we’ve mentioned before, the role of PeopleOps is growing for a reason: Companies are looking for a more strategic way to attract, hire, and retain top talent, especially in today’s competitive hiring marketplace. Great employees are the foundation of any thriving business, and companies that recognize this and invest in PeopleOps are well positioned to succeed.

The above list of Boston professionals is by no means definitive. In fact, you can bet this won’t be the last piece where we highlight the people behind Boston’s best and brightest companies.

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