Six Ways Dating Apps Ruined My Job Search

As a single guy in 2016, I’ve given my fair share of dating apps a try. As fun as this new “on-demand economy” can be, there are certainly downsides to how all of this swiping left and swiping right is affecting the way we view the world – and maybe even our job search.

  1. Tinder taught me to ignore the details and just apply. One pretty picture or appealing job title? Sign me up! No fine print for me. 
  2. Bumble taught me to sit back and wait for opportunities to come to me. Why be proactive in my search when I can just wait? I mean, someone will reach out to me with exactly what I’m looking for eventually…right? 
  3. trained me to lower my standards for quality – it’s all about quantity if I want any success. When you have to send out a million messages to get one measly response, you’re not going to take the time to give each one the attention it deserves.
  4. Happn taught me that there are more important factors than proximity. Just cause you’re 500 yards away, doesn’t make it a match. 
  5. E-Harmony proved to me that no matter how much information I give a matchmaking service (or industry recruiter), they’ll still try to sell me on options that don’t fit my needs. Why waste my time? 
  6. Coffee Meets Bagel taught me my options were limited, training me to jump at every opportunity even when I know it’s the wrong fit. 

Any of this sound familiar? At ReferralMob, we believe everyone deserves to find their perfect match. So come discover a job opportunity that excites you and take the initiative! It might just pay off - literally.