Boston's Best Talent Acquisition Professionals to Follow Online

When it comes to talent acquisition pros, Boston is a force to be reckoned with. Over the past few years, demand for top talent has skyrocketed across the city, and as a result, the job market for qualified candidates has become more competitive than ever before.

To fuel their pipelines, talent acquisition folks are getting more creative and innovative with their sourcing and recruiting techniques, from building strong employer brands to creating exceptional candidate experiences.

There are hundreds of incredible talent acquisition professionals across the Boston area that are building standout teams despite the talent crunch. They deserve celebration, so today we're shining the spotlight on them.

Below are just a few heroes of hiring that we think you should get to know:

Keith Pescosolido 

Director of Recruiting at Drift


One of the very first hires at Drift, Keith has built an outstanding team under the leadership of Boston tech veteran David Cancel. Drift stands out as a company that truly gets just how crucial it is to have the right people on board. So much so that they’ve made building a top-notch team their biggest priority.

As Keith explains in this post, “We want to build the next anchor company here in Boston, and we can’t do that without the best people. Startups are very hard, and they become impossible if you don’t love the people that you’re working with every day.” We couldn’t agree more, Keith!

Keith spearheads all of Drift’s hiring initiatives, right down to their incredible onboarding package. Prior to Drift, Keith worked at Hubspot, athenahealth and Kforce in similar roles. You can follow Keith on LinkedIn and Twitter, where he frequently posts employer branding tips, and updates on what he and the team are up to at Drift HQ.

Becky McCullough 

Director of Recruiting at HubSpot


Becky leads all of HubSpot’s recruiting efforts for the company’s North American offices. To attract new candidates, HubSpot meticulously follows a model that Becky calls “inbound recruiting” -- inspired by the inbound marketing model that HubSpot is so well known for. In a recent article, Becky explains the personal touches she and her team inject into every candidate touch point. In other words, it isn’t just about numbers for them.

Becky has held two prominent recruiting positions at HubSpot during her two years there, and prior to that she was on the recruiting team for McKinsey & Company.

She’s passionate about spreading her wisdom on how to recruit in today’s changing business climate, as evidenced by pieces like this Greenhouse article. You can also find her regularly tweeting and posting to LinkedIn about best practices for recruiting and what she has learned along the way.

Kevin Fanning

Vice President, Talent and Culture at Cogo Labs


Kevin has truly made a name for himself in the Boston area and is one of the more visible talent acquisition pros in the Hub. You may have come across his book, Let’s All Find Awesome Jobs (a title we love, by the way). He’s also been featured on Slate discussing the differences between recruiting and HR, how to deal with trouble in the workplace, and how to do the dirty work (a.k.a. firing people). It’s a tough topic, but Kevin nails it.

You can find Kevin actively tweeting and posting open jobs from the accelerators at Cogo Labs to LinkedIn. In addition to generally supporting the Boston recruiting industry by sharing tips, he even offers free resume reviews!

Chrissy Fasoli Costello

Director Talent Acquisition at Buildium


Chrissy has an impressive background in both building recruiting teams and scaling talent efforts across large companies. Currently at Buildium, she leads all of the company’s recruiting efforts, singlehandedly balancing the needs of hiring managers, the executive and People Ops teams, as well as job candidates. Previously, she led the recruiting team at Bullhorn. During her eight-year tenure there, she managed the hiring needs of a 500+ employee organization.

Passionate about developing company cultures and employer brands, improving processes and training leadership on recruiting, Chrissy is a true Jill-of-all-trades. Most recently, she rolled out an entirely new management framework across the Buildium organization to improve and streamline recruiting efforts -- an impressive feat! You can find Chrissy on LinkedIn.

Kevin Murray 

Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Wayfair


Wayfair is a kingpin of the Boston tech scene, and the team behind their incredible trajectory is due in no small part to Kevin’s work over the past six years. Kevin leads Wayfair’s global talent acquisition efforts, having grown his talent acquisition team from a group of eight in Boston to an international team of more than 80 across the US and Europe. In this time, the organization has grown from 600 employees to over 5,600 worldwide. He’s been busy, to say the least! But his success comes as no surprise, as he previously led recruiting for Boston-based Vistaprint and engineer recruiting efforts over at Google.

You may have seen Kevin out in the Boston networking scene -- most recently as a speaker at Wayfair’s Cracking the Boston Talent Market meetup, alongside HubSpot's Becky McCullough. You can find Kevin regularly tweeting and posting on LinkedIn about Wayfair's culture as well as recruiting best practices.

Elizabeth Gormley

Talent Acquisition at BevSpot


Elizabeth thrives in high-growth environments, so it’s quite fitting that she’s now at BevSpot. In a startup every hire is critical to the growth and development of the company, and Elizabeth has nailed it by bringing on some of the best people in the city. But that comes as no surprise after her successful tenure on recruiting teams at Acquia and Boston Beer Company.

You can find Elizabeth over on Twitter and LinkedIn, where she’s an avid advocate for everything BevSpot is doing — recruiting or otherwise. She frequently shares relevant news articles about both the beverage industry and general recruiting best practices. We’ll drink to that!

Eric Trickett 

Head of Global Engineering Recruiting at TripAdvisor


If anyone knows how to recruit technical talent, it’s Eric. You may have seen him out and about at a few recent Boston events, including the Boston Talent Acquisition & Talent Ops meetup (BoTATO) hosted by TripAdvisor earlier this year.

Eric serves as an advisor to Boston-based startup job board and content hub VentureFizz and has his hands on the pulse of the Boston recruiting scene, actively tweeting about local events. He recently spoke at Wayfair’s Cracking the Boston Talent Market meetup, alongside Becky McCullough and Kevin Murray (who are also highlighted above).

Online, you’ll also find him tweeting and posting to LinkedIn about how TripAdvisor developed their employment brand and how they feel about discrimination (hint: not big fans). 

Sara DeBrule 

Senior Recruiter at Wistia


Sara dubs herself a “professional matchmaker” and we couldn't agree more. Wistia is another standout Boston-based tech company, and that’s due in large part to the team behind the product. Sara is as multi-faceted as they come, able to recruit both technical and non-technical talent, and for just about any company type and size — from startup to pre-IPO and everything in between.

She’s the epitome of what we write about here on this blog - and in fact, we have previously featured her on this blog! From taking the time to really hand-pick candidates, to being a proactive communicator, to creating an outstanding candidate experience, Sara gets what it takes to build an outstanding team -- and it shows in the effort and thoughtfulness she puts into every hire she makes.

Prior to Wistia, Sara worked at CarGurus as a sales and marketing recruiter. She held a similar role at HireMinds, and was also a sales consultant at Yesware. She shares a wealth of information on Twitter, and can also be found on LinkedIn with one of the most vibrant profiles we’ve seen yet!

Leah Knobler

Recruiting & People Operations at Help Scout


We’ve written before about how Help Scout has built and scaled its remote team. With Leah at the helm, the company has been able to recruit one of the most self-motivated, customer-driven teams around, and their hiring techniques are a great model for any company looking to be remote-first.  

Leah’s philosophy is all about building a relationship with a candidate. Her approach is to infuse both humor and empathy in her outreach, which may be why she has a 70% open rate on her cold outreach emails (a little insider fact we learned)! Even more importantly, under Leah’s leadership Help Scout has worked hard to develop a diverse and inclusive workforce. Impressively, the team has seen the most diverse pipeline of candidates in the company’s history since Leah took the helm. You can find out about the goings on at Help Scout by following Leah on Twitter and LinkedIn.

It Takes Talent to Find Talent

This list is by no means definitive. In fact, if we were to write a 25-page eBook on this same topic, we may still not have enough room to give due credit to all the incredible talent acquisition professionals building some of the best teams around Boston (and beyond). And this certainly won’t be the last post we create highlighting Boston’s awesome companies and the people who make them what they are. Stay tuned for an upcoming post highlighting businesses that bring employee onboarding to the next level!

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn how ReferralMob can help kick your talent acquisition efforts up a notch by providing you with pre-screened, top-tier talent around Boston, we'd love to connect with you.