4 Little Ways to Be Happier at Work


So it’s Monday morning and you’re back at it. How’d you feel walking into the office this morning? Excited? Energized? Ready to tackle the work week with a smile on your face? Maybe not but with most Americans spending more than a decade of their lives at the office, why shouldn’t it be your happy place? Here are a couple ways to make your work-place a little bit happier!


Say “Good Morning”

Pronouncing a friendly “Good morning” will automatically boost your mood, and likely change the course of your day. Greeting your colleagues at the start of the day can lead to great conversations, better work relationships, and a warmer office atmosphere. Extending a greeting not only makes you feel good, but it also makes your colleagues feel good and a happy desk mate means a happy workspace.


Eat a Snickers.

Nothing good comes from letting your co-workers meet the short tempered, irritable little monster you turn into when you’re hangry. In a fast-paced world where morning alarms fail and 11:00am meetings run long - it’s easy to find yourself accidentally skipping meals during the week. Keeping snacks in the office is an easy solution that can boost productivity while keeping the hangry monster away.


Be a first responder.

How many emails have you opened this morning and told yourself you’d respond to later? We’ve all been there, telling ourselves we’ll get to it later but, even with the best of intentions, the day gets going and the email goes unanswered. The worst part is we’ve all also been on the other side of the frustrating unanswered email. We know how much tension it can bring to a work relationship when you feel like you’re being ignored - so we should know better. So be a hero: respond to to your emails.


Host happy hours.

I mean, come on. It’s called happy hour for a reason. There aren’t many ways to radically improve team morale in 60 minutes, but by golly this is one of them. Delicious cocktails + ice-cold beers +couple greasy appetizers = irresistible team bonding that will keep everybody smiling long after the hour’s up.

With some of these tricks, you can make your workplace a happier place not only for you, but also for those working around you.