Why Everyone Deserves Two Great Love Affairs

Imagine for a moment that a dear friend of yours shared the news of his recent engagement to a lovely woman he’d been dating for a few years. When you congratulate him, he shrugged and said “yeah, she has really great health insurance”. At this point, you're confused and a bit uncomfortable. Sure, health care is important, but is it really a good enough reason to commit to spending your life with someone?

Most people crave one truly great love affair. When you think about the "love of your life", whether you've met the one already or are just dreaming of what's to come, there is likely an expectation of passion, invigoration and fulfillment. You should feel proud to stand by their side and they should fill your days with joy, all while empowering you to be your best self.

Now why oh why can’t we hold our careers to this very same standard? Why don't we expect to be invigorated by work that we are passionate about? Why do we settle for office cultures that rob us of our joy? Why don't we expect our careers to empower us and to contribute to our leading fulfilling, well-rounded lives? Is really great health insurance enough of a reason to commit to spending that much of your life with a company?

Call me an optimist, or even a hopeless romantic, but I believe we all deserve two great love affairs.